"How to Avoid Losing Your Digital Photographs"
by Chane Cullens, HonNEC-CT
Monday, March 25, 7:30 PM

Do you think you can find your digital photos from 5 years ago, in 5 years from now? You have 1,000s or 10,000s or 100,000s of digital photos ‘somewhere.’ But, where are your photos from 10 years ago? Digital photos are often at risk of a single failure or mistake that causes the loss of a decade of family photos and memories. In this presentation, we’ll look at several methods to preserve them. Our speaker will also share with us his speakers notes so you will all have them to refer to.

Chane Cullens, HonNEC, lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut and is the Web Developer for the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club of Newtown. He has been using Canon cameras since 1987 when they first introduced the EOS autofocus SLR camera line. Known for his photography presentations and computer knowledge, he shares insights at various local events and conferences.

Chane focuses on educating photographers on a wide variety of topics from camera and photo basics to helping judges give constructive feedback. He has earned first-place awards in photography competitions by the New England Camera Club Council - NECCC and the Connecticut Association of Photographers - CAP. He also received an Honorary Member- HonNEC award from NECCC for his dedication to NECCC and his past service on the NECCC’s Board of Directors as Conference webmaster and to the photographic community at large

.With a background in the computer field, Chane has delivered technical presentations in 34 countries and has made time for his passion for photography in all of his travels. In his free time, he also enjoys running ultra marathons including a 104.8-mile race, or four back-to-back marathons, in 2022.

to see his personal images and learn more about his presentations please visit his website at www.ccullens.com