"One Shot-Cook-Off Raffle"
by GLPA Members-Coordinator-Marilyn Cloran
Monday, April 1, 6:30 PM

Here is the way the Cook-Off Raffle works. There will be ten desserts to choose from. We will be selling tickets at two for a dollar. This year we will be keeping all the money made for the GLPA coffers, as we need to start to build up our piggy bank again. Each of the cook’s listed below will get 10 free tickets for their effort. Each dessert will have a bag placed in front of it. You then place your tickets in the bag in front of the dessert or desserts you crave. You can put all your tickets in one bag or spread them out. The winning baker will be determined by the number of tickets placed in the bag for their dessert. The winner will receive a special monetary prize from the club coffers. One ticket will be pulled from the bag for each dessert and the winner gets to take that dessert home. In past years the raffle normally nets the club coffers about 400-500 dollars.

NEW THIS YEAR Along with our Desert Raffle we will be having a free raffle for some new stuff and a couple of gently used camera bags. Some of the new stuff involves booze and Limoncello. Buy 5 dollars’ worth of desert raffle tickets and get ticket for the free raffle. One free ticket for every 5 dollars you spend on desert raffle tickets.

Thank you to all the cooks and thank you to all the past raffle ticket buyers. So, join the fun and bring a few bucks with you. I hope you will all be generous in your purchasing tickets from our happy sellers-Ken Jordan, MNEC and Peter Curcis, MNEC.

The Cook Off Raffle is being coordinated by Marilyn Cloran, FPSA, MNEC. As of this posting, we have all ten cooks and deserts to select from that night. Items will be

1. Brownies--------------------------- Marilyn Cloran
2. Tollhouse Cookies --------------Patrick Brosnan
3. Southern Pecan Praline Sheet Cake—Brenda Driscoll
4. Kahlua Cupcakes-------------------Chris Germain
5.Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake------------Carolyn Livingston
6. Blueberry Buckle-------------------Ellie Losee
7. Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Scones----Kathy Murphy
8. Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake----Amy Musinsky
9. Brunch Cake--------------------------Basil Richardson
10. When Life Gives You-Lemons Pound Cake---Cheryl Vossmer