"New Date Sept 15- 3pm-Special Presentation-Tickets must be purchased in advance"
by Art Wolfe
Friday, May 10, 0:00 PM

Postponed to Sept 15 -3-4pmArt Wolfe has rented the Greater Lynn Headquarters for this very special presentation. This will be one of the stops on his book tour. Seating is limited to 100 attendees and is open to the public with parking behind the club or in the church lot next door. Tickets must be bought on his website. Link to the registration site to purchase tickets is Wild Lives Presentation: Boston Cost is 20 Dollars per person. A special GLPA discount code will be sent by email blast to the membership.

Join renowned photographer Art Wolfe for an exclusive evening presentation! He will unveil the extraordinary stories, share intriguing knowledge about conservation, and discuss Art's breathtaking images from his latest masterpiece, ‘Wild Lives.’

In this immersive experience, Art will weave tales about the marvelous encounters he has had photographing wildlife across the globe. His lens becomes a portal into the intricate dance of nature's creatures, revealing the essence of their existence in ways that only a master storyteller can convey.

‘Wild Lives’ is more than a book; it's a testament to the interconnectedness of all living things. Each page of the book is a visual symphony, a celebration of life's diversity, and an exploration of the patterns that bind us to the wild.

This live presentation is a rare opportunity to hear behind the scenes accounts of interactions with truly wild creatures, to feel the heartbeat of the wilderness, and to be inspired by the delicate balance that sustains our shared ecosystem.

Art will also have copies of his new book available for sale that this presentation is based on.This beautiful 352-page book is priced at 95 Dollars. He will accept cash, checks or credit cards.

Here is a short description of the book-
Wild Lives is a celebration of the extraordinary diversity of species that inhabit the planet. Some are common, some rare, and many are conservation success stories, species that have been brought back from the edge of extinction. Over his forty-year career, Art Wolfe has photographed many species that were once on endangered species lists, but are now flourishing -such as the bald eagle and humpback whale. These recoveries are an uplifting testament to the resilience of life when it is given a chance.