"Astro-Landscape Photography"
by Jurgen Lobert- MA
Monday, September 30, 7:30 PM

Our ending program for January will be on a very popular subject that makes extraordinary images once you learn the ins and outs.
This will be a technical and instructional intro to astro-landscape photography. Astro-landscapes capture the night sky with an Earth-bound foreground to anchor the view. You will learn composition and lighting that will make your images stand out. Also covered will be the best times to shoot, equipment needed and what makes a good image.

Our speaker has been to Greater Lynn before on several occasions both with teaching presentations and judging our print and our digital competitions. Jürgen is a Massachusetts based fine art photographer born and raised in Germany. He received a PhD in atmospheric chemistry from Gutenberg University in Mainz before moving to the USA in 1991. He is a self-taught photographer who specializes in night photography and daytime long exposures as well as urban exploration. According to Jürgen, there is a profound peace in roaming the nights in remote places to capture otherworldly, hauntingly beautiful and serene scenery and the element of time.
Jürgen is an executive member of the Boston and Stony Brook Camera Clubs and the founder and organizer of the Greater Boston Night Photographers Meet-up www.meetup.com/GBnight. Many of the membership has joined this group and gone on several meet ups with him. He organizes some 50 photo excursions and workshops each year, is a lecturer, instructor and judge for regional camera clubs and he was an instructor at the New England School of Photography-NESOP. His artwork is in the permanent collection of the Art Complex Museum.

Jurgen can be found online at www.leyetscapes.com and face book at facebook.com/jmlobert