"Behind the Images"
by GLPA Members
Monday, April 29, 7:30 PM

This presentation will feature 12 GLPA members telling us about 4-5 of their favorite images. Each presenter will have six minutes or so to speak and each presenter will have a different subject matter. For this year we are only presenting digital images. Discussed will be the how, when and why the image was taken along with any interesting or teaching points relevant to the image. For example-how the image was conceived or taken and why it was taken.

We have a mixture of subject matter, which reflects what that competitor enjoys shooting or in many cases one of the many subjects they are proficient in. You have all seen these images in competition win ribbons or medals-now you can learn the how or where it was done. We will also have a couple of short 6 minute teaching sessions on Black and White Conversions and the how to and why of Exposure, Exposure Compensations and Histograms. Join us for this special evening by your fellow members.

This is the fourth year we have had this presentation. It has always received high reviews and has been a full hall for all of the previous years. Please find below all of the member’s names who are presenting with their subject matter.

1. Patrick Brosnan-Underwater Photography
2. Ken Carlson, GPSA-NECCC Interclub Nature Image of the Year-Concept to Entry- Feeding Gannets
3. Rick Cloran, HonPSA, HonNEC-Black and White Conversions
4. Ken Jordan, MNEC-New England Patriots Victory Parade
5. Andrew Katsampes-Exposure-Exposure Compensation and Histograms
6. Janice Koskey-Contemplative Photography
7. Jake Mosser, HonPSA, HonNEC-Trees and Driftwood
8. Bob Pizzano-Motorcycle Jumping
9. Nina Taggart-Land and Seascapes
10. Stefanie Timmerman-Seagulls
11. Joe Votano-Fine Arts
12. Uli Welsch-Stories of Her Award Winning Images