"One Shot-Dessert Cook-Off Raffle"
by Marilyn Cloran Coordinator
Monday, March 4, 7 PM

Here is the way the Cook-Off Raffle works. There will be ten desserts to choose from. We will sell tickets at two for a dollar. Each dessert will have a bag placed in front of it. You then place your tickets in the bag in front of the dessert or desserts you crave. You can put all your tickets in one bag or spread them out. The winning baker will be determined by the number of tickets placed in the bag for their dessert. The winner will receive a special monetary prize donated by Jake and Susan Mosser. One ticket will be pulled from the bag for each dessert and the winner gets to take that dessert home. Thank you to all the cooks.

The Cook Off Raffle is being coordinated by Marilyn Cloran, FPSA, MNEC. Available that night to select from will be.

Lemon Squares-------------Susan Bidollo

Peanut Butter Blossoms---------------Mike Bourgault

Brownies-----------------Marilyn Cloran

Lavender Bundt Cake with Lemon-------Andy Gatchell

Tollhouse Pie---------------Chris Germain

Chocolate Cake---------------Carolyn Livingston

German Blueberry Raspberry Cobbler---------Ellie Losee

Rice Krispy Bars------------Mary Moffett

Apple Pie------------------Jake Mosser

Blonde Brownies-------------------Amy Musinsky