Photo by Corey Davis

Photo by Corey Davis

"Ansel Adams-Fine Art Master & Environmentalist"
by Lance Hidy-MA
Monday, October 1, 7:30 PM

We are pleased to be able to bring this special presentation to our membership about the life of Ansel Adams.
Photographer Ansel Adams -1902–1984, devoted his life to sharing the transformative power of wilderness through his art, and to leading the environmental movement.

Our speaker Lance Hidy was chosen by Adams to collaborate on the last book of his career, Yosemite and the Range of Light -1979. Through this first-hand experience, Hidy brings a personal perspective to the Ansel Adams story.

In his lifetime Adams shot over 40,000 photographs; he produced several dozen books that have sold over a million copies; he cofounded the first museum department of photography at the Museum of Modern Art; and, for nearly 40 years he was a leader in the Sierra Club. The lecture is enlivened by quotes from Adams’ autobiography, and by dozens of his finest photographs, including some taken during World War II at Manzanar, the Japanese Internment camp near Yosemite.

Our speaker is a graphic artist and educator. He is a designer of books who continues to design the Ansel Adams books for the Ansel Adams Trust and Little, Brown and Company. He also designed the Penumbra typeface family for Adobe, three U. S. postage stamps, and many posters. His writing on design has been widely published in books and journals. Hidy has worked part-time at Northern Essex Community College since 1999, teaching design and photography, and currently specializing in accessible media and disability services.