"Behind The Images-Members From all Three Digital Classes & Print Classes "
by GLPA Club Members
Monday, April 30, 7:30 PM

This presentation will feature 10 – 12 members of Class B and Class A telling us about 4-5 of their favorite images. Each presenter will have six minutes to speak and each presenter will have a different subject matter. Both digital and prints will be presented. Discussed will be the how, when and why the image or print was taken along with any interesting or teaching points relevant to the image or print. For example-how the image was conceived or taken and why it was taken.

We have a mixture of subject matter, which reflects what that competitor enjoys shooting or in many cases one of the many subjects they are proficient in. You have all seen these images in competition win ribbons or medals-now you can learn the how or where it was done. Join us for this special evening by your fellow members.

This is the third year we have had this presentation. It has always received high reviews and has been a full hall for both of the previous years.

Members who have committed to present are-

Tina McManus-Birds and Mammals
Alex Smullin-Still Life
Peter Miller-Portraits-Prints
Larry Dunn-B and W Prints
CJ Karch=Subject Matter Mixed-Color Prints
Stefanie Timmerman-Creative
Steve Kurzrok-Travel
Dick Simmons-Images Found in Field Trip Locations
Melissa Fraser-IPhone Images
Jim Brady-Sports and Dance
Rick Mathias-Scenic's

Susan Mosser Program Chair