Photo Courses


GLPA is offering two Photo Courses:

Open to the Public:

Fall Photo Course - We are offering a one day Basic Digital Photography course. Included will be learning your camera's basic functions, how to create an effective photograph, uploading your images to your computer, and a hands-on help with learning your camera.


For Members only:

Visual Design and Composition Course - This is a great course for photographers of all levels. See below for information about what will be covered. Click here for details.

  • Importance of the subject or story
  • Introduction to visual design and elements
  • Primary elements of design (Tone and Tonal and Color and Color Contrasts)
  • Leading the viewer through your photograph
  • Importance of the elements of design
  • Secondary elements of design (Line, Shape of Form, Texture, Pattern and Perspective)
  • Properties of visual design (Positive and Negative Space, Visual Weight, Tension and Balance)



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