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Chairman: Larry Dunn, MNEC

Peter Miller, MNEC
Kathaleen Carroll-Coelho
Dana Patch, MNEC (webpage)

Questions about competition?

For the 2021-2022 season, we will resume six monthly print competitions: October, November, January, February, March and April.

Due Dates:all prints must be submitted between 6:15 and 7:15pm at the club ON THE EVENING of the competition.

Also the Print Entry Form must be completed and submitted at least one week before the competition evening.

Entry Forms Due Prints Due and Competition Nights


OctoberRick Ckoran, HonPSA, GMPSA, HonNEC-MA
NovemberJohn Lowe, MNEC-MA-Merrimack Valley CC
JanuaryJoe Readon-NH-Professional Photographer-Workshop Leader
FebruaryJurgen Lobert-MA-Boston CC-Organizer Boston Night Photographers Meet Ups
MarchKen Carlson, GPSA- GLPA member-PSA Portfolio Director
AprilArt Vaughan, HonNEC- Merrimack Valley Camera Club-NECCC VP- Print Interclub Comp. Chair
AnnualRaj Alamanda-MA-- Michael Goodman, MNEC-NH--Guy Lessard


Judge's Guidelines


November - Shadows
February - Abstact
- Boat(s)



For the upcoming 2021-2022 season, we have relaxed Covid restrictions previously mandated by the governor: no sign-ups for meetings or limited audience attendance. However, prudence dictates that we require the unvaccinated wear a mask at club meetings and other club related interactions. If you are vaccinated, the decision is yours whether or not to wear a mask. Masks and hand sanitizers will be available at the club and we will continue to use the UVC lights for disinfecting after each use of the club.



IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LICENSED IMAGES: We appreciate that many members are actively promoting their work and often seek alternative avenues including the sale or licensing of their work to commercial sources. All members must understand that the sale or licensing of their work to a stock agency or other commercial enterprise places restrictions on the use and display of that image. Greater Lynn Photographic Association does not wish to unknowingly display a licensed or otherwise restricted image on its web site or in any other manner that may violate the terms of the member's licensing or sale agreement with a third party. We therefore require that members refrain from entering any image that is licensed or otherwise restricted in any competitions. In the event that a member is successful in marketing an image that is already on the GLPA web site, we ask that you immediately notify the web team at and alert us to that fact so that the image can be taken down promptly.

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Print Competition

January 2022 Competition

(the printed image was photographed with its matting to present here)

Class C
Print of the Month
Young Red Fox A Moment of Fearlessness
Karen Burgess
Masters Class
Print of the Month
Vestahorn Sand Dune
Frank Forward
Print of the Month
Cigar Man
Frank Forward

View Zoom video of the Print Annual Competition held Saturday, June 27, 2020. Congratulations to the winners! Also, view a gallery of all of the Winning Prints.

Greater Lynn holds monthly print competitions. Rules of Competition and deadlines for submission are all listed to the left. Feel free to ask questions of the Print Chairman at the email address provided.

Competing is an excellent way to improve your photographic skills. Listening to the judge’s comments on your prints and the prints of the other competitors gives you a better insight into your photography.

You will be given a supply of pre-printed labels for you to note your name, class, title and category of your print which should be placed on the back upper left corner of the print. Labels will be available at the club on the first September meeting and throughout the year. They can be found in an envelope on the print closet wall. You will need 24 per maker – (take 3 sheets each total of 30 to have a few extra. You can also pick them up in print group night. You may also print your own from the template in the left side column. Please have the labels on your prints prior to bringing them in for submission.

Be sure to take advantage of our print group which this year will be held on Wednesday, usually the Wednesday before the entry forms are due to allow attendees to make changes in prints they bring in for discussion should they want to enter them in the next month's competition. There is a wealth of information available to those who attend these very informative meetings. Do bring some of your prints for discussion.

In the first Print group night-Print Chairman Larry Dunn, MNEC, will shows ways to reuse mattes to help keep the cost of participating in the print competitions down. If there is enough interest, a matte cutting workshop will be scheduled. Buying large pieces of matte board and foam core and cutting your own mattes helps reduce costs.

Please Note: Please print out the Competition Rules and read through them for a complete explanation.

Please remember this stipulation for competing. To help maintain the cumulative scoring for the year and to provide a way to report the scores on the club's website, you must use the Club's website to enter the print competition. We will only be asking for your name, title and category. We are not asking for a digital image of your print. By using an online entry form – much like that used for the digital competition – we can collect the data about each month's competition. All online entry form information MUST BE COMPLETED ONE WEEK before the print competition date. Click here to get to the Entry Form.

All prints must be submitted between 6:15 and 7:15pm at the club ON THE EVENING of the competition. Late prints will not be accepted.

All Prints for the 2021 – 2022 season will once again need to be mounted or matted but no frames allowed.  Do not bring in flat straight from printer prints - you must mount or matte them.


For the 2021-22 club year, there will be 2 print classes- Class C and Masters.  Due to a drop off in club members entering the print competitions, Classes A & B will be combined to form Class C. We will assess this format at the end of the year and make any necessary changes to keep the competition meaningful and successful for ALL participants. The Entry Form has been changed accordingly.

For the 2021-2022 season, we will resume six monthly print competitions normally held on the second Monday of the month - October, November, January, February, March and April. For each monthly competition, there will be a total of three prints due (or four if you enter the Theme category). You may choose to compete in the following categories: Color, Black and White, and Portraiture. A Theme Category has been added for the November, February and April Competitions. Which categories you choose to enter your prints in is up to you.

The Portraiture category has entries from all classes combined for the judging. Individual scores will be applied to the maker's accumulated total within his or her class. This category will be for all types of portraits, from formal studio to candid natural light. Subjects can be any living creature from human to animal. The idea is to isolate the subject without distractions thereby creating a pleasing portrait.

The Theme category (available for three months) has entries from all classes combined for the judging. Individual scores will be applied to the maker's accumulated total within his or her class. An entry may be made in this category as a fourth entry for that competition. If a fourth entry is made, only the top three scores for that month will be eligible for annual awards. Please see left side column for the theme categories.

Briefly some of the rules follow:

The maximum print allowable is 16” X 20”. All prints will be mounted.

All print images must be exposed by the maker.

The larger size prints are easier to view and generally have more impact.

Once a print receives a ribbon, it may not be entered again in that class or in the projected image competition for that season.

The scores for all entries will be posted on the website each month.  That way if you are unable to attend the competition night, you will have a place to get your scores.

Only prints receiving ribbons (all POM, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and two HM’s) are eligible for the final Annual “print of the year” competition held in May of the same season.

Please read the competition rules.

Join us for an enjoyable season of photography and print making. If you have any questions feel free to contact the chairman.