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Member Digital Galleries Member_Gallery

Member galleries can be created in several ways. For all methods, note the gallery image sizes differ from the competition image sizes. For image security, a Flash gallery is recommended. However, for those of you looking for a simpler method there is the GLPA tool.

Instructions for gallery creation using Adobe Lightroom.
Instructions for gallery creation using Adobe Elements 6.
Simple method for simple gallery creation using GLPA tool.   Sample Simple Gallery

Flash galleries will be used on the site for image security reasons. Lightroom and Bridge are both capable of creating a flash gallery as is Pro Show Gold. Please be sure to create a "Flash Gallery".

"NEW" It is also possible to build a Flash Gallery in Aperture, though it requires you to add this Free plug-in from Apple.com .

Why Flash you ask? Flash galleries make it easier for us to have large enjoyable images while maintaining an extra level of security to secure your images.

Output the built gallery to a new folder that you create on your desktop. Then just put the files on a jump drive and bring them to the club with you, we will do the rest.
Pam Lintner created the gallery below in about 5 mins using Adobe Bridge.

GLPA Member Galleries (alphabetical by first name)

The easiest way to have a gallery on this page is to submit 4 images for the middle column of the home page (we do the sizing for you). These images are then collected and posted to your gallery page. Want to get a gallery page started in your name? Just submit your first 4 images. Please see member images-middle column of home page-half way down-direct link below the text "to submit images." Click on it and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation from the website telling you what week your images will be displayed. After they have been displayed on the home page for a week, they will be added to your gallery. Make sure you fill in your name so the images are identified as yours on the home page.

Andrew KatsampesBill BrownBrenda Driscoll
CJ KarchCarol ColeCaroline Stella
Dave KourtzDoris MonteiroFran MacDonald
Frank DelandFrank ForwardIrina Levina
Jack HolmesJacob MosserJanice Koskey
Jim BradyJoan ByingtonJoe Votano
Judi HoytKaren HoskingKen Carlson
Ken JordanLinda GouldLinda J. Coviello
Marie PelletierMarilyn CloranMark Bargen
Mary MoffetteMelissa FraserMichael Bourgault
Patrick BrosnanPaula DriscollRaffaele Salerno
Raj DasRay LandryRichard Simmons
Rick CloranRick MatthiasShiv Verma
Skip HoytSteve LevinSteven Kurzrok
Susan KlineSusan MosserTracy Bailer
Walt Losee

Galleries Submitted by GLPA Members


Simple Gallery of GLPA Social Gallery by Pam Lintner  
  Gallery by Linda Coviello