Macro Perspectives
Richard Cloran, FPSA, MPSA, MNEC
Jacob Mosser, FPSA, EPSA, HonNEC
January 2, 2012, 7:30 P.M.

This exciting mini-seminar look into macro photography will be presented by two of GLPA’s top photographers. The teaching presentation was first presented at the NECCC conference in July and got excellent reviews. At NECCC it was presented in four parts with two additional speakers. The format is changed slightly for the presentation in Lynn. The seminar will teach you what macro is, and then how to photograph popular aspects of it. Both speakers will discuss how each shot was taken: detailing the exposure, lighting, technique, equipment, environment, and composition. The presentation will start off with Jacob Mosser giving a brief explanation of what constitutes macro with a detailed look at the world of close-up photography. Jake will then delve into flowers and non-nature oriented subject matter, with supporting images to explain equipment and techniques used. He will follow this macro presentation with a brief look at the fun and engaging world of patterns and details. Richard Cloran will then examine the keys to successfully photographing insects. He will also include other macro subject matter, nature and non-nature; sharing his tips and tricks as only Rick has been known to do.

Our two speakers are both serious amateur photographers who have lectured and judged throughout the United States and Canada and have exhibited their work throughout the world in international exhibitions. They are both members of Greater Lynn Photographic Association and past chairmen of the Massachusetts Camera Naturalists (CamNats), a by invitation only organization dedicated to the art and teaching of nature photography. Together they co-chair the GLPA nature group.

The publication credits of Rick Cloran, FPSA, MPSA, MNEC, include Nature Photographer magazine and the PSA Journal. In recognition of his extensive judging, lecturing, and administrative work he has received top honors from the New England Camera Club Council and the Photographic Society of America. At the 2010 Photographic Society of America Conference, Rick was presented with the PSA Appreciation Award in recognition of outstanding service in the advancement of photography through teaching with no financial compensation. He is also past chairman of PSA's Nature Division and now serves on their Investment and Endowment Committee as well as the Honors Committee. Past president and current treasurer of the Greater Lynn Photographic Association, he is also affiliated with the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA). Rick is known for his excellent photography as well as his technical knowledge with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Jacob Mosser, FPSA, EPSA, HonNEC, is a serious amateur and semi-professional who has been obsessed with photography for the past thirty years. He has earned top photographic honors from the Photographic Society of America, the New England Camera Club Council, and the Greater Lynn Photographic Association for both his skills with the camera and service on behalf of the photographic community. He was recently awarded the Stuyvesant Peabody Memorial Award at the PSA conference. He is past chairman of PSA’s Nature Division, past president of the NECCC Board of Directors and past president of GLPA. Jake is most at home in the field with camera in hand, but he finds great satisfaction in teaching the techniques and vision he has learned through experience and the kindness of other sharing photographers.

Please make sure you join us for the unique teaching experience from two of New England's top nature photographers.