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Members News

Notes from Rick Cloran
Rick has graciously provided notes to his presentation on May 22, 2017 on Basic Masking. Visit How-To's to get more information on this important facet of Photoshop and Elements.

Field Trips
We have MANY NEW field trips planned including the rescheduled trip to the Zakim Bridge and USS Constitution in Dry Dock on June 10. Visit Field Trips to get more information about all these field trips. The Field Trips page has the sign up using online registration which you need to do.

Additional Field Trips
Two new field trips have been planned for the summer, but unfortunately we can't post them as the website will only accept 6 trips. As soon as space opens up we will post them. The first is Friday June 30, 2017-4:30 am-A Day of Macro Photography-Greenwood Farm, Ipswich. The second is Saturday August 5, 2017-7:30 am-Redcoats & Rebels-Sturbridge Village. Visit the Field Trips page thru the link above to get more information.

Smackdown 2017

The judging is over and we have a winner. The Black Diamonds pulled it off but had to get thru 20 images before they could get the win! The Red Devils came pretty close! See all the winning images on the updated Smackdown page. The Red Devils were chaired by Pam Lintner and the Black Diamonds were chaired by Bob Pizzano. And the Cook-Off was a great success as well. The Club made $463 on all of the goodies! Thanks to all! Visit Smackdown 2017 to get more information.

NECCC Conference 2017
It is never too early to start planning to attend the annual NECCC conference. If you have not attended one of these conferences, you will thoroughly enjoy it. The Conference for 2017 will be held July 14-16, 2017 at UMass Amherst. This is a great 3-day weekend full of programs, vendors and comraderie. The conference flyers are out and online registration is open. Please view this short video from the 2016 conference NECCC Video 2016. Visit NECCC to get info and the published Bulletin.

Images from Recent Socials
Check out images taken at the recent Halloween party and the Holiday Banquet. Thanks to Tony Marino and Mike Burke for documenting fun evenings. Visit Socials to look at the images.

Notes from Roman Kurywczak
Visit How To's to get more information about Roman's talk at the November 7 Monday meeting. Like Karen Messick earlier this season, Roman has graciously agreed to allow us to post his Notes from the NECCC conference. Thanks Roman!

Notes from Karen Messick
Visit How To's to get more information about the apps that Karen Messick talked about at the September 26 Monday meeting. Karen has graciously agreed to allow us to post her Notes from the NECCC conference. Thanks Karen!

Food Bank Collection
Thank you all for your generosity at the collection on March 6. The Food Bank coordinator was extremely grateful for the huge donation.

Adding Points to Your Competition Images!
Our recent speaker, Mike Goodman, has given us permission to post his notes about his presentation. Visit Mike Goodman's Notes to get more info.

Digital Infrared Photograph
Vega Buchbinder has graciously shared her article on Infrared Photography. Visit the How-To's on the Activities page or click Infrared to get more info.

What is PSA?
Have you been wondering what PSA is (the Photographic Society of America)? Check out the page on our website that will answer all your questions. Click PSA to get more info.

New Edition of "The Filter" is now ready for you to enjoy!
Read it here

Information on Licensed Images
Please note the newly posted policy on using Licensed Images on our website. Go to Website Terms and Conditions of Use to get information regarding this new policy.

Depth of Field Calculator
Depth of Field calculator available through the internet. Customize it for your camera and lens. When you visit this website, it would be a good idea to bookmark it, because in the future this item will be deleted.
Click for calculator.

Website Navigation Handbook
Navigation handbook for members only website pages. Navigation handbook PDF

Identifying Plants
Arabella Dane and her husband, Edward, are members of GLPA. She has graciously agreed to share her Plantipedia website which will help you in identifying most plants. At the moment she has about 100,000 botanical names (of plants of interest to American gardeners) in the database and about 15,000 images. For each entry, she has a link to google on one side, and a link to the PLANT LIST which is Mobot, Kew's etc. latest word on the current status of genera and family names. Many of the plants are keyed for heat and hardiness zones, and natives and invasives are likewise keyed and linked to the appropriate sites that deal with them. Many of the plant groups that plant societies are keyed with the plant society descriptor codes too. This project was mostly done for garden club and horticultural groups to ease the pain for their exhibitors, but other people such as those in photographic groups are finding it useful too. Click here to get to the How To page and then click Identifying Plants

Test Targets for Monitor and Print
If you want to see how your prints compare to the monitor Rick Cloran has posted some target images so you can check the calibration. There are three color and one BW targets.
Test Targets

Sizing Images in iPhoto
If you are a Mac user and have problems sizing your images, Barbara Rozavsky has written a good article to help you. It is located on the How-To page under Activites, or you can click on this link to access it. Thanks Barbara!
Resize Images in iPhoto

Interesting video describing how lenses are manufactured.
Mass produced quality is not a trivial task.
Canon Virtual Lens Plant
Canon Technology Museum