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Members News

NECCC Conference 2018
It is never too early to start planning to attend the annual NECCC conference. If you have not attended one of these conferences, you will thoroughly enjoy it. The Conference for 2018 will be held July 13-15, 2018 at UMass Amherst. This is a great 3-day weekend full of programs, vendors and comraderie. Please view this short video from the 2016 conference NECCC Video 2016. Visit NECCC to get info and the published Bulletin.

Field Trips

Our next field trip will be on May 6 to Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Concord, MA. Visit Field Trips to get more information about this field trip. The Field Trips page has the sign up using online registration which you need to do.

Gadget Review - Flex Tilt Head
Shiv Verma has posted another Gadget Review article about the Edelkrone Flex Tilt Head 2. Looks like a great addition to your camera bag. Check it out at FlexTilt Head 2.

PSA Portfolio Assessment - An Entrant's Guide
You may have read in the recent Filter that Ken Carlson recently learned that he was successful with a Gold level portfolio submission and has earned the GPSA distinction. Rick Cloran wrote the article which appears on page 65 of the Filter. The distinction that Ken has earned is a very big deal as there have only been 71 distinctions awarded worldwide and only 7 of those are on the Gold Level. Ken is the ONLY American to be recognized with the Gold distinction. Congratulations Ken!

Rick put together an Entrant's Guide to help those who may be interested in preparing and submitting a portfolio for a PSA Portfolio distinction. Visit Entrant's Guide (which is on the How to's page) to read about doing this.

One Shot Competition
For the 2018-2019 season, the categories are posted on the One Shot page and we will draw the team names on May 14, 2018. You will have all summer and until March or April to come up with your One Shot image. Visit One Shot to get details and see last year's winning images.

Traditional Still Life Photography by Charles Batchelder
Charles Batchelder gave a great program at the club on Monday, November 27. He had handouts of notes, but if you didn't get one, he has allowed us to put a copy up on the website. Thanks Charles! Visit How To's to read these notes.

Rendering for Impact by Jim Christensen
Jim Christensen will be speaking at the club on Monday, November 6 on Rendering for Impact. Jim has shared some step by step instructions on one of the images he will demonstrate on Monday. Visit How To's to read these notes.

Using Hue, Saturation and Luminosity by Ken Carlson
Ken Carlson has provided his notes regarding the talk he gave at the club on October 9. Visit How To's to read these notes.

Print Competitions
Please note these two items:
1. The themes for this year's three-theme competitions will be
November - Broke & Busted; February - Signs; and April - Patterns.
2. Due to a speaker's schedule,
the March competition will be on the third Monday of the month.
Visit Rules of Competition to read about this change.

Images from Recent Socials
Check out images taken at the recent Halloween party and the Holiday Banquet. Thanks to Tony Marino and Mike Burke for documenting fun evenings. Visit Socials to look at the images.