<=== To the left are the various activities and information that are available to a member of Greater Lynn. Some of these pages are members only areas which will require you to log in. Your login name is your email address that you use for competition or that you supplied when you joined the club.


Members News

Signup to Attend Limited Audience Meetings

The sign up process for attending limited audience meetings at the club is now ready to use.
A. You must be logged in to the website to be able to access the full sign in page- in some cases you may have to log out and sign in again especially if you use the keep me logged in cookie box on the log in page.
B. There are 4 ways to access the sign up process:
1. The main link to the full sign in page where all the programs/groups/competitions that you need to sign up for are listed -this is an orange text link located on the home page-at the top of the right side column- (Meeting Sign Up) You may need to click it twice to get to it. Programs are listed by date chronologically from the top-grey box on left that lists the function then text on the right that tells you the seating limit (this will change per function depending on the work crew), how many have already signed up and a sign up box to click to sign up-your name and email are already listed at the top of the page as you are logged in to the website. Please also put in your phone number so we may contact you if a seat opens up. After you sign up the attending number will change and you should see you are color coded as attending or on the waiting list.
2. On the home page right side column click on the text under the night/function you wish to attend and it will give you a little bubble explanation and you can then click on the orange link to go to that events individual page where there is a sign up link (usually in the top left side column) that takes you to the full sign up page.
3. Go to any group page or digital or print comp page and there is a sign up link on the top of the left column that takes you back to the full sign up page.
4. Go to an in house/at club speakers page and there is also a sign up link at the top of left side column.
C. If you sign up and then realize you cannot attend please go back in to sign up page and click drop out so you do not take a place someone else could have. You will also receive a drop out return confirmation email from the website. Click here to go to the signup page.

Statement about Covid-19
Due to strict Covid capacity regulations mandated by the governor, only members of GLPA are allowed to attend meetings in person at the club at this time. You will need to become a member of the club to attend programs either onsite or by Zoom. For further information about membership, click here.

Due to Covid, many of our normal functions and activities will not happen this year such as a fall photo course open to the public, library services, field trips, print gallery exhibits, social gatherings and workshops, etc. Please check the schedule on the Home page for current events.

Print and Digital Competitions
All print and digital competitions will be onsite at the club with a limited audience and zoomed out to the rest of the membership. Sign up for attendance is through the sign up page on the website link at the top of the right column of the home page. Click here to go to the Home Page.

NECCC Color Print Circuit
We have prepared a Zoom presentation of the NECCC Color Print circuit which was shown at the club on Thursday, July 9. You can find it on the new Zoom Meetings page at the top of the left column on the Activities page or if you click here to watch.

Video on Introduction to Masking
Member Rick Cloran has put together a 30 minute or so video on Masking in Photoshop. You can find it on the How To's page or Click here to read.

Rick has also added another video entitled Basic Masking in Photoshop which goes into a little more detail than the prior Introduction to Masking. You can find it on the How To's page or Click here to read.

Article on the Digital Manipulation Competition Category
Member Jim Brady has written an article on what kinds of images are meant to be submitted in a Digital Manipulation category in any photographic competition. It is a good read if you have any questions on this topic. Click here to read.

One Shot 2020 - We Have a Winner!
March 2 - the rivalry continued. Check out what happened at last year's One Shot competition. Click here to see the results. It was alot of fun. The One Shot competition for the 2020-2021 season is on hold.

Halloween Party
Our annual Halloween Bash last year was a great time. The hall was decorated to the hilt, costumes were great, and the food was wonderful. Go to the Socials page here to see images from the evening. The Halloween social for the 2020-2021 season is on hold.

NECCC Conference 2021
2020 would have been NECCC's 75th annual conference. And the good news is, it has been postponed until 2021! If you have not attended one of these conferences, you will thoroughly enjoy it. This special year will have lots of exciting special opportunities. The Conference for 2021 will be held July 16-18, 2021 at UMass Amherst. This is a great 3-day weekend full of programs, vendors and comraderie. Please view this short video from the 2016 conference NECCC Video 2016. Visit NECCC often to get info as it is posted throughtout the year and register when registration becomes available.

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are always needed to run an organization the size and scope of GLPA. See Susan Mosser or email her at if you would like to volunteer for one of the jobs. We are trying to start committees for club photographers, help with speakers and other minor jobs.

Images from Past Socials
Check out images taken at last year's Halloween party and Holiday Banquet. Thanks to Tony Marino and Mike Burke for documenting fun evenings. Visit Socials and Banquets to look at the images.

PSA Portfolio Assessment - An Entrant's Guide
Rick put together an Entrant's Guide to help those who may be interested in preparing and submitting a portfolio for a PSA Portfolio distinctions. Visit Entrant's Guide (which is on the How to's page) to read about doing this.

One of our members, Ken Carlson, was one of the first USA members to submit for this distinction. Ken has moved up 2 levels from Bronze and now holds a Gold portfolio distinction from PSA. He was one of the first PSA members to be awarded this distinction and was the first in the USA.