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Members News

Print and Projected Image Competitions
Please note these three items:
1. The themes for this year's three-theme print competitions will be
November - Comfort Food; February - Footwear; and April - Flower(s).

2. Due to a scheduling conflicts,
the the October and November projected image competitions will be held one week later than usual: October 28 (note the earlier due date of September 30) and November 25.

3. Also due to scheduling conficts, the Projected Image How-To session will now be on Monday, September 30. As a result, the due date for images will be extended to Thursday, October 3.

Visit Projected Image Competition to see more about competition dates.

Welcome GLPA's new Artistic Vision Group
Janice Koskey has graciously offered to lead a new Group which will meet in January, February and March. As she has said: "It's what I love to do, talk with people about what our photography means to us. I'm glad it seems to be the right time and place for it." Please join Janice to take the opportunity to take a closer look into your photographs as you take your photographic journey.

Visit Artistic Vision Group, to read more about this Group.

Workshop in October
Please join us on Sunday, October 20, 2019, when Denise Silva of Montanta will present Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Tips and Tricks. Her workshop will be presented at the Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, Massachusetts. Online registration and flyer information will be posted by August 26, 2019.

Visit Workshops, to read more about this Workshop as well as two others scheduled for 2020.

Photo Course in November
Please join us on Saturday, November 9, 2019, as our own Barbara Rozavsky will present a one-day basic photo course. Barbara has been teaching about photography for many years and will give you useful information to refresh skills you may already know, or will give you the basics needed to begin an adventure in photography. Online registration is available now.

Visit Photo Course, to read more about this Photo Course as well as Workshops scheduled for 2020.

Group News and Changes
Creative Group - Stefanie Timmermann will be the new group leader for the 2019-2020 season and will hold four Creative Group nights on Oct. 22, Nov. 12, Feb. 11, and Apr. 14.
Print Group also has a new leader with Bob Pelland taking over for six meetings on Sept. 12, Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 5, and Apr. 2.
Print Competitions will now be chaired by Peter Miller with assistance from Kathaleen Carroll-Coelho.
Visit Creative Group, Print Group and Print Competition to read more about these groups.

One Shot Competition
The One Shot categories were announced and competitors selected for each category back in May. Hopefully all the competitors have been shooting all summer in preparation for this well-attended evening. The date for the competition will be announced soon. Check back so you will know when to clear your calendar and partake of the yummy desserts in our Annual Cook-Off Raffle. You can check out the report on last year's activities as well as all the images by clicking here. Visit One Shot for information about the competition.

NECCC Conference 2020
It is never too early to start planning to attend the annual NECCC conference. This year will the 75th annual conference. If you have not attended one of these conferences, you will thoroughly enjoy it. This year will have lots of exciting special opportunities. The Conference for 2020 will be held July 17-19, 2020 at UMass Amherst. This is a great 3-day weekend full of programs, vendors and comraderie. Please view this short video from the 2016 conference NECCC Video 2016. Visit NECCC often to get info as it is posted throughtout the year and register when registration becomes available.

Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are always needed to run an organization the size and scope of GLPA. See Susan Mosser or email her at if you would like to volunteer for one of the jobs. We are trying to start committees for club photographers, help with speakers and other minor jobs.

Images from Recent Socials
Check out images taken at the recent Halloween party and the Holiday Banquet. Thanks to Tony Marino and Mike Burke for documenting fun evenings. Visit Socials and Banquets to look at the images.

Awards Banquet Pictures
The Awards have been given out. The dinner was delicious. The end of another camera club season. Check out the gallery of images of the evening's events taken by Tony Marino. Visit Banquet Images for details.

PSA Portfolio Assessment - An Entrant's Guide
You may have read in the recent Filter that Ken Carlson recently learned that he was successful with a Gold level portfolio submission and has earned the GPSA distinction. Rick Cloran wrote the article which appears on page 65 of the Filter. The distinction that Ken has earned is a very big deal as there have only been 71 distinctions awarded worldwide and only 7 of those are on the Gold Level. Ken is the ONLY American to be recognized with the Gold distinction. Congratulations Ken!

Rick put together an Entrant's Guide to help those who may be interested in preparing and submitting a portfolio for a PSA Portfolio distinction. Visit Entrant's Guide (which is on the How to's page) to read about doing this.